Decay Of Stars (Demo)

by Concealing The Sun

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Paco would like to thanks:
First I want to thank hundred times my parents, for being an inexhaustible source of encouragement and resources over the years.
Without their help it wouldn't have been possible, in one way or another to carry out this disc. Thanks for everything. And I want to thank my girlfriend and future wife Marta, for being the best person in my whole life and for giving me the strenght I need to afford every new day.
At the same time, I want to thank Carri for making me get every day a little further with the guitar, To Joan for being a first
class singer, To David for being one of my closests friends and Juansa for being with us and improve much in so little time.
I want to thank José Luis and Eva, Carri's parents for putting me in their home as a son, to Phlegeton for giving us his opinion
of the album at its earliest stage, to Brutal Family for taking a bit of their time in their web and, of course, to all the fans
of Concealing the Sun, for being on the ball and show much love to the group. And personally, thanks to Sylosis for appearing in
my life back in 2008 and set a benchmark, both musically and personally in my head. This album is for all of you.

Joan would like to thanks:
I want to thank my bandmates, for putting up with me in my worst moments. To my best friend, Saku for her limitless support and
Asun, for helping me in finding myself again. Special mention to Miguel, Josele and Patri, for teaching me all I know in sound
edition; Riku, Bokata and everyone else. Finally, thank you Protools for having a nice stability and not going nuts.
To my mom and sister for making me as I am; and especially to Carri and Paco, for letting me in that huge project,
helping me when I needed it and finally to my father for helping me every time I've needed.

David would like to thanks:
This work isn't only from us, is from everyone who is with us, showing off their support and helping us again and again.
I want to thank my mother and my brother, for helping me to go to every single band practice without wanting any reward.
To my friends, for being the whole life by my side and making me being the person I am nowadays. Finally to all Concealing the Sun
members that I can't ask for more of them.

Adam would like to thanks:
To my mom and dad for been f*cking awesome and allow me to build a recording studio and practice with the band at home.
To my little sister Triana for supporting my musical dreams from day one like my whole family from grandparents to cousins
and everyone in between. To my beautiful girlfriend Marta for taking such good care of me. To all my real badass best friends
Riku, Alvaro, Apar, Bboy, Sina, Alicia, Cristina, Franky, Laura, Enrique, Porcelion, Lucia, Irene and everyone else who has
been there since the beginning; you know who you are. Obviously to my band mates Paco, Joan, David y Juansa for being great
friends. To all my friends from different shows who show us their support. To Burger King for being so damn tasty and cheap. To
Mat Guitars and Tam Tam Percusión for having our instruments always ready. To Sylosis for giving me my metal blood and last but
not least, Jägermeister.

Juansa would like to thanks:
I really want to thank my band mates to let me join them and give me motivation because I was not familiar with this style of music
and we entered into controversy. I thought the group was worth and was comfortable with them, so I improved my level to keep up.
I appreciate the hard work of Joan, Carri and Paco, creating this album with these gorgeous songs.


released September 30, 2013



all rights reserved


Concealing The Sun Seville, Spain

Modern Thrash Metal band from Seville, Spain.

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Track Name: Call Of Duty
My heart is burning. I can't sleep for days. All belong for this
I will find you in this bloody battlefield, you will beg on your fucking knees
This gonna be your end, the final chapter of your life, all for revenge
Broken bones, no salvation, my hands can't draw me a path
All my hope, flown away, all the blood in my eyes gone away
This is the final round, there's nothing left beyond the white line
I have a final shoot, hold for you, the whispering of the bullets around me
You in my sight, the trigger in my finger, the hate that I feel is part of what fuels me
Broken bones, no salvation, I will bring you to your grave to die
All my hope, flown away, all the blood in my eyes gone away
I don't want end this time living a lie
We won't be destroy
There's no survivors in this call of duty
Track Name: Embrace The Beyond
For all those who believe in life, your beliefs are about to crush
Beneath extinguished sighs, preludes of hatredy
Embrace this sign, embers from the past, simple conformation, Now you must collaborate
Save your soul, It's condemned, It's your foul
Move fast, fast as you can, you're on Earth last man
Last man on surface, your beloved are in Hell
Last man you'll be dead
Complex structures came from the sky, all your repentance won't repair the endless night
No more shattered flesh, please, no more
No more pain will save you from faint
Try to think without mind, fill your volunty with healer rinse
You'll be alive. There's no tomorrow to change the past
You weren't the chosen one. The edge await for us, to jump, to fight, to die like a God
Track Name: Left This Oceans
Close your eyes to see deeper, the night spectrum arriving faster than the sun's bright
Is this a re-emerge? Not even impossible will make me cry
Just god will give you half an apple, infinite mist runs through your veins
She's the sea, he's the moon, I'm the sun
I can see the brightness of your eyes, I can feel the flash of the light on your skin
Turn back time is not the answer, what can I do to bring her back to life?
If I know what I want this bed has never been so cold
Has never been so empty
The end of days in those we trust has come o soon to our soul
You could have been gone and left this oceans collide inside
Wishpering to the wind to find some warmth, mother earth, what can I do?
Please, mother earth, what can I do?
Track Name: The Warmth Of Your Hands
(instrumental track)
Track Name: Will Turn You To Stone?
No words, not to talk, always the same story
If you cross your fear you will learn, you'll never fade
I tried to find some truth in your convoluted lies but everything was completely empty
The ancient dream arises and life forgets to death
We are doomed to bear with us aggressively
Your existence makes sense only in dreams
Come, open up to me, forget we are dead
We pursue angels searching for memories ready to remove the earth before the awakening
Holding on upon this times I need to see your eyes condemned to be built in desire
Forget we lost the battle against time
As we grow, as the waves break on the shore the passion has delivered
Follow me, I will show you the path, the path to the infinitude
Never enough
You've missed your chance
Will turn you powerless?
Will turn you to stone?
Track Name: Sylosis - Eclipsed
Shrouded in darkness
It has formed a wreath around you
Wisdom comes through exile
And through this alone
Moon's lapse
Escape the trance
Your throne grows cold
The day breaks into,
A thousand shards
Dawn breaks into,
Everlasting night
Shrouded in darkness
It has formed a shell around you
Wisdom comes throughr exile
And though this alone
Moon's lapse
Escape the trance
Before you grow old
The light has lost it's path
No Sun will rise in the epoch of the shadow
Light blinds our eyes
Eclipsing dark Luna's sky
Flooding the night
The face of the Earth
Silent yet still alive
Pulled into the night